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About us

Enabling everyone to build high impact data applications

Millions of people with domain expertise or data competence have brilliant ideas that never see the light of day.

We believe streamlining web development, infrastructure, and collaboration for these people is the key to building data applications that users love.

Our approach enables people to build and collaborate real-time, right in their browsers.

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Our team

Trygve Karper

Co-Founder & CEO

Martin Røed

Co-Founder & CTO

Viral Shah

Co-founder & CPO

Nina Sletten

Product Designer

Øyvind Moldestad

Software Engineer

Martin Sandve Alnæs

Software Engineer

Björn Lapakko

Community Lead

Open positions

We're an early stage startup looking to build a people-first, distributed, kick-ass product-led business. We're looking for people with a desire to create something larger than themselves.