You are the wizard.
We are the wand.

People are brilliant. Great ideas could and should come from everywhere. We’re making it possible for anyone to succeed in building the products they want.
Meet the team.
Trygve Karper
Co-Founder & CEO
Martin Røed
Co-Founder & CTO
Viral Shah
Co-founder & CPO
Øyvind Moldestad
Software Engineer
Martin Sandve Alnæs
Software Engineer
Björn Lapakko
Head of Relations
Paul Nylund
Head of Design
Avra Biswas
Community Lead
Martin Jan
Software Engineer
Bryan Ong
Software Engineer Intern
Amalie Henni
Software Engineer
Carl Smestad
Software Engineer
Open Positions
We're an early stage startup looking to build a people-first, distributed, kick-ass product-led business. We're looking for people with a desire to create something larger than themselves.
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